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Voiceclaim: Laura Post

A little date.


He stood there awaiting the girls reply. There was something he always loved about cecilia, the way she wouldent get mad at him if he skipped or not, the fact she seemed to care about his well being and grades. sure Ignis was a genius deep down but sitting around wasent his thing. so what else then try and bring her along out of school today

"Its up to you Cecilia, you can go to class  or come with me and we can go get icecream…or something couples do."


[She bit her lip. On one hand, she thought he was really cute..but on the other, if she was tardy again, she’d get detention. Well..she really didn’t like Mr. Akai’s class in the first place. Too boring. She smiled and caught up to him.]

O-O-Okay.. c:

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Posted on Jun. 23, 2012
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    After buying the both of them icecream he sits with her at a table. smileing at her as he eats. “So….Cecilia…. what do...
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    U-Um..c-chocolate chip, p-please. T-Thank you. c: